Venture Out! Programs

Venture Out! at Camp Joy is the regional choice for businesses, organizations, and universities who enhance their team development and leadership development through experiential education. Our clients utilize our expertise in combining proven research, impactful curriculum, and fantastic facilitation within our environment to create real change. Venture Out! works to create custom, outcome focused programs using our internal curriculum, clients internal curriculum, and high quality facilitators who deliver results. Listed below is curriculum that we may begin with when working with clients:


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The Venture Out! Team

Kirstin Harris

With a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from Wilmington College, Kirstin began working as an athletic trainer and loved working outdoors and creating relationships with her student-athletes, parents, and coaches. Kirstin later began working at Camp Joy, as an adjunct staff member, working primarily on the several ropes courses at Learn More

Otis Williams

Venture Out Director
Otis Williams is the founder and President/CEO of Otis Williams Limitless, a personal development firm that teaches people how to train their fear so they can live free and share their gifts with the world. He is a highly sought-after award-winning speaker, facilitator, seminar leader, and personal growth coach. Otis Learn More

Kelly Kessler

VO! Program Coordinator/Adjunct Facilitator
After graduating from Ohio State, Kelly spent several years facilitating groups with identified Middle and High School students throughout Franklin County. She moved to Cincinnati in 1996 and started working with the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council in Butler County, where she continued to work with young people in a Learn More